Who we are and what we do


Metaphors was created in August 2002 by Richard MacGilchrist and Plamen Nikolov. Our ambition was simple, to provide the best creative work built on solid strategic thinking for businesses that needed more effective marketing, backed up by flawless technical delivery.


On the first day of business we won our first client, two weeks later we won our second client. Within six months Metaphors was working for a wide range of clients in the UK, France and Germany. Now, almost two decades later, we work in around 25 countries with a wide range of clients representing over 30 markets.


We remain true to our founding principles and ambitions; offering strategic insight, refreshing creativity, peerless delivery and direct contact with our creative and technical experts.


We maintain an equal balance between branding / print and digital / web development. Frequently, we combine these areas of expertise, establishing a brand’s ‘difference’ and then expressing this difference throughout all media in unison. We call this total branding. Our clients tend to think of it as a robust, seamless means of leveraging their offer, optimised for any media or channel.


As authors of a brand's strategy we understand the direction a brand needs to move and how it should use each media to best effect. As creative’s we know how to make these concepts different, relevant and engaging. As technicians, we know how to make these concepts real and deliver on time and on budget.


We measure our success by your success. For us, it's about adding value to your business, creating greater impact and generating value on the bottom line.


A Clear, Differentiated, Relevant and Compelling Proposition


Connect the brand's 'idea' with core USP's in line with target market rational and emotional preferences


Develop a unique brand / graphic signature inline with brand personality


Consistent brand application applied across all media, optimised for each message, mode and media

Brand Identity

The heart of the brand expressed with simplicity and clarity.

Print Design and Advertising

Long and short 'reads', expressing what you stand for in a way that makes you stand out.

Websites and Digital Communications

Matching the message and the medium, while reaching out to all channels

Richard MacGilchrist MA


Creative Director / CEO


One of Metaphor's founders, Richard has been creating brands for all most 3 decades, working previously for the world's biggest brand and advertising agencies.


Richard has developed many famous brands for companies including Unilever, Allied Bakeries, GSK, Diageo, McVitie's, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, HSBC, Seagram's, Nestle, Reckitt Benckiser, Kraft, Capital Radio, Budget-rent-Car, Perot Systems, InterContinental, Shazam and Lastminute.com to name a few.


Richard is responsible for all strategic and creative output, including brand strategy, all aspects of print and digital concept design, design development and refinement through to final artwork or build.

Plamen Nikolov BA


Technical Director / MD


One of Metaphor's founders, Since 2006 Plamen has been developing online solutions for numerous leading private and international schools, currently being used daily by over 750 students, parents and teachers.


Plamen has worked on developing and integrating online software and applications since 1996. Over the years Plamen has participated in projects across a wide range of business and consumer brands including Prudential, JP Morgan, Coca Cola, Yell, Tiscali, Management Engineers, Barclaycard, Lloyds, NatWest.


Plamen oversees back-end development: CMS, CRM, and core application.